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Brown Bag WEBINAR #1 (Recording) - Crytocurrency & Divorce

Barry Levine, Senior Wealth Advisor & Eduardo Castelvi, Senior Investment Associate from Northern Trust cover cryptocurrency 101 -- everything from basic block chain technology up through exchange platforms, how to find it, where to find it and what you should know as it relates to family law cases.  

Brown Bag WEBINAR #2 - State of the Court/Preparing for Your MSC

Supervising Family Court Judge Paula Rosenstein presents "State of the Court"  followed by the Hon. Margo Lewis Hoy, Ret. & Richard Renkin CFLS who cover all the things you need to do to make sure your MSC conference is as effective as it can and should be.

Brown Bag WEBINAR #3 - Dealing with High Conflict Individuals

Family law cases often involve working with high conflict adults -- whether they are yours or your opposing counsel's.  This LiveStream webinar features Dr. Deena Stacer, Director & Facilitator of the High Conflict Intervention and Co-parenting Programs.  She offers ways to recognize high conflict behavior and what you can and should do, even if your client isn't the one engaging in these behaviors.

Brown Bag WEBINAR #4 - Parent Alienation & Supervised Visitations

Covid19 has caused a surge in parent alienation and difficult issues relating to visitation.  This LiveStream webinar covers the truths about parent alienation, fact versus fiction, and how supervised visitations can be used to deal with difficult reunification issues.  

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