2021 Alternate Dispute Resolution Panel (ADR)

ADR Panel:  A Sub-Committee of SDFLBA

The Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee of the San Diego Family Law Bar Association continues its mission to provide qualified and approved attorneys to mediate all of our cases. It is suggested that you can use them for all of the case or a particularly thorny issue that perhaps, if resolved, would lead to the whole of the case being settled.  The list of attorney/panel members is set forth below:

Leslie Abrigo(619) 422-7722abrigo@chula-law.com
Ilona Antonyan (619) 696-1100ilona@antonyanmiranda.com
Andrew Benjamin(619) 235-6161andrew@benjamincfls.com
Elizabeth Brown(858) 376-7251liz@cageandmiles.com 
Meredith Brown(858) 450-5035mlb@brownandbrownlaw.com
Kevin Cadora(619) 255-8500kevin@faircadora.com
Barney Connaughton(619) 425-8613barney@ahealthydivorce.com
Dawn Dell’Acqua(619) 325-4726Ddellacqua@dellacqualaw.com
Lauren Fair(619) 255-8500lauren@faircadora.com 
Hildy Fentin(858) 755-3000hfentin@hcesq.com
Myra Fleischer(858) 720-8250myra@frfamilylaw.com
Julia Garwood(619) 692-8100julia@garwoodfamilylaw.com
Paula G. Goforth(760) 477-8595paula@goforthfamilylaw.com
Fred Hale(760) 931-0842fred@halefamilylaw.com
Joshua Hershon(760) 473-0387joshuahershon@gmail.com
Andrew Johnson(760) 639-0187rreimnitz@apjohnsonesq.com
Charles Kim(619) 282-1107cwkim2@yelman.com
Scott Levin(858) 255-1321scottlevinmediation@gmail.com
Meredith Lewis(858) 260-5228mlewis@mglfamilylaw.com
Julie Mack(858) 731-9331julie@juliemackandassociates.com
Anita Margolis(619) 338-8393anitau2@pacbell.net
Christina Marine(619) 522-0874christina@marinefamilylaw.com
Peggy Moore(858) 755-3300pmoore@msmfamilylaw.com
Sara Neumann(619) 282-3693sara@yelman.com
Sarah Pinkerton(619) 930-9390sarah@clemenswarren.com 
Richard M. Renkin(619)299-7100rrenkin@renkinlaw.com
Yvonne Rizzo(619) 330-5875yrizzo@yrizzoesq.com
Anna Romanskaya(619) 338-9500aromanskaya@starkllp.com
Andrea Schneider(619) 518-0476andreaattorney@gmail.com
David Schulman(858) 755-3300dschulman@msmfamilylaw.com
Frann Setzer(858) 999-3000frann@setzerfamilylaw.com
John Tannenberg(858) 755-3300jtannenberg@msmfamilylaw.com 
Colleen Warren(858) 275-2055colleen@warrenfamilylawfirm.com 
Tara Yelman(619) 282-1107tara@yelman.com
Our findings prove that, even though the Courts have opened, there appears to be a great need for attorneys to attempt to settle family law cases.  Our attorneys charge $300 per hour for the first 3 hours and then that attorneys then hourly rate. 
Please feel free to contact any attorney on the list.  I feel confident that you and/or your opposing counsel will get your questions answered and can get your case wrapped up.
Please note that, if your name is not on the list, contact Valerie at my office at Valerie@GarwoodFamilyLaw.com
Julia M. Garwood, Esq. CFLS
Chairperson, Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee,
San Diego Family Law Bar Association