2018 Alternate Dispute Resolution Panel (ADR)

ADR Panel:  A Sub-Committee of SDFLBA

Goals of the ADR Panel

The ADR panel is designed to move your case forward - faster.  We aim to keep you out of Court and keep your costs down, while at the same time, provide ouw ith access tos ome of San Diego's most qualified and highly regarded Family Law Attorneys.  The process is simple:
1) Inform the Judge that you wish to seek the services of an ADR panelist to mediate your matter;
2) Review the list of highly qualified Family Law Attorneys;
3) Contact your chosen Attorney and schedule your mediation.

How Much Does ADR Cost?

The ADR Panel is unique int hat we offer top-notch counsel at an affordable rate.  Each and every mediator is available for the first 3 hours at $300 per hour.  Thereafter, their regular rate is billed. 

You cannot find this option anywhere else in San Diego County!  Don't miss out on your opportunity to settle your mater with one of San Diego''s top attorneys, quickly and affordably!  Call today!